Dog Agility

Agility is one of the fastest growing dog sports in the country.

What is it - Its a canine sport in which the dog has to negotiate a variety of obstacles laid out in a course. The handler runs most of the course with their dog, guiding them in the right direction and over each obstacle. The course has to be completed either within a set time, or in as fast a time as possible. The winning team is normally the one with the best time and fewest penalties.

Training is based on positive motivation and is intended to be fun for both handlers and dogs. Handlers are trained to give clear directions to their dogs, and dogs are trained to enthusiastically follow those directions.

Any dog or handler may compete, the jumps varying in size depending on the size of dog, the handler just has to give instructions,hopefully keeping up.

Accuracy and speed are valued as the dog navigates an obstacle course off-lead, in response to the handlers directions.

Typical obstacles include: Jumps, Tunnels, Weave Poles, See-Saw, A-Frame, Dogwalk and other challenges. Dogs and handlers learn together and, as they progress, may participate in fun matches and agility trails to earn points towards titles in the sport of dog agility.

See the Photo's page to give you ideas of what is involved. For more details either ring one of the committee (see Who's Who) or come along to a training evening (see Find Us).