Members Information

Press refresh to check training status, no message to the contary means training is on.

Recording Points
Please remember to send your points to the Show Secretary

Class List (from February 2017)

18:30 class - Sue
Sophie - Lilly
Tracey - Luker and Ludo
Stephen - Sweep

18:30 class - Jayne & Jo
Sarah - Misty
Nick - Mario
Angela - Digby (pre agility)

19:40 class - Bob
Ian - Rossi
Claire - Polly
Jenny - Finn
Claire - Honey
Bob - Zach
Trevor - Varg
Gordon - Bobby
Una - Tom

19:40 class - Jo
Charleigh - Buddy
Peter - Tanner
Jayne - Moss
Paula - Ziggy
Sheila - Teddy
Clyde - Oli
Jo - Spook

20:45 class - Bob
Carol - Kaya
Claire - Bella
Peter - Indi/Moses
John - Bella
Bonnie - Buddy
Maria - Ava
Bob - Zola

20:45 class - Jayne
Jo - Finn
Beryl - Gruff
Una - Amy
Angela - Lexie
Jayne - Drift

Course Dates

Starts 18th July

Class Times

1st Classes: 18:30-19:30
2nd Classes: 19:40-20:40 
3rd Classes: 20:45-21:45 

Please arrive in good time to assist with setting up equipment for your class, also assistance to put equipment away at the end will be appreciated and mean that classes will run to time and you will gain most from your training.

Club Cancellation Policy

Owing to the unpredictability of the British weather and everyone traveling to club. A policy has been put into place to advise ALL members if it is not safe to hold a training evening.

The Policy:

Weather to be checked at 4pm by designated committee member

Inform trainers and committee of decision

An email will be sent to all members, a note will be placed on facebook and the top of this page.

The 10 week course will than run over by one week.

If you are unsure whether the club will be running or not please check your emails, facebook, or the web site before contacting your trainer or a committee member if possible.